Enjoy the Safety and Tech Features Found with the Hyundai Accent

Today, when people are looking for a vehicle to buy, they have a wealth of things to consider. They want a vehicle that looks great, but that is never the most important factor with truly savvy buyers. Instead, they are looking at the various types of technology and safety features that are in the vehicle to provide better technology, more convenience, and the ability to keep their loved ones and themselves safe when they are driving. Fortunately, the Hyundai Accent is loaded with these types of features, making it a surefire choice for any driver!

Stay Connected With Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

You will find that it is nice and easy to connect your smartphone to the vehicle. You can then use the touchscreen in the vehicle, or your voice, as a way to access the items that you need on your phone. This includes your music, your maps, and more. You can even send messages and make calls. Since you can do it all through the touchscreen, it means you won’t feel the need to fumble with your phone.

Rearview Camera is Standard

If you need to back up, you no longer have to worry about not seeing what is behind you. The rearview camera comes standard with the Hyundai Accent. It will show what’s happening right on the touchscreen. The standard touchscreen is 5”, but there is a 7” option available.

The Proximity Key Takes Away the Hassle

Tired of digging into your pocket to get your keys when you have your hands full? When you have the available proximity key, you won’t have to worry. You will just keep it in your pocket or your bag and it will unlock or lock the vehicle when you are in range, and can even start or stop the engine. It can even open up the trunk, which is nice when you are carrying groceries or other items that you need to pack away.

Charge Your Devices and Control Your Audio Easily

No matter where someone is sitting in the vehicle, they will be able to charge their devices with easy-to-use USB ports located throughout. The audio and Bluetooth controls are mounted to the steering wheel, so it is always nice and easy to control them without needing to take your hands away from the wheel. This is standard on all of the new Accent models.

Other Safety Features

Some of the safety features that are available on the SE, SEL, and the Limited trims include Vehicle Stability Management system, Electronic Stability Control, Traction Control, ABS, and airbags. There are also safety features only available on the Limited trim, such as Forward Collision Avoidance.

More to Love

Once you learn about the safety and technology features, you will find that there is still more to enjoy when it comes to the Hyundai Accent. From the design, the comfort of the interior, and the handling, this could quickly become one of your favorite cars to own and drive.

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